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(Consumer Electronics)

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  • Job Management

    This includes field service integration, full diary management, active job management and a detail reporting suit.

  • Mobile Workforce Management

    Intuitively guiding mobile workforce through best practice procedures, providing real time data back to administrators, utilising GPS technology and stock control the MW App is the ideal companion for field engineers to connect to base.

  • Stock Management

    Controlling everything from what stock comes in and out of the business to full auditing and forecasting suits.

  • Smart Route Planning and Diary Management

    Skill sets, hours of work, areas covered, start/finish locations as well as holidays and sickness are set-up within Skyline in order to calculate availability automatically based on the above criteria. Optimizing journeys to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Email and SMS Updates

    Confirmation emails or text messages can be automatically sent to confirm appointment details. Triggers can be configured to send messages at key status changes as well.

  • Client Interface

    Allow clients to book and track field service and workshop repairs directly into your diary, if you so wish.

  • Web Interface

    Allow clients to book and track field service and workshop repairs directly from your website.

  • Financial Package Integration

    Dynamic integration with Sage financial packages allow for seamless communication of invoices without the need to re-key data.